Saturday, November 7, 2020

Saturday, November 7, 2020

A Full Fall Experience 

I was at Avila to swim at 8AM. It had rained overnight and was still cloudy but looked to be clearing. The wind was just starting to pick up and there was storm surf; messy and closeout waves with an occasional 5' to 7' set that made for spectacular but very short rides for the small group of body surfers and boogie boarders that was next to the pier. The water temperature was 55. All of this made it feel very much like winter. Especially because the previous Saturday was one of the nicest days ever at Avila Beach.

Theresa came by to let me know that she and Grace were going to do an adventure swim so I was on my own.  I waded out and spent enough time duck diving while trying to find gap that would let me get out to the buoy line. I wished that I had a set of fins. I finally decided that I wasn't having enough fun in the washing machine and got out.

I'm going to swim with Duke tomorrow at 7AM.


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