Thursday, November 12, 2020

Thursday, November 12, 2020

 The Frozen Triangle Swim

A catchy title but according to my thermometer the water was 51 degrees, actually two degrees warmer than Tuesday, except that it felt colder than Tuesday and I'm not sure that I can really tell much difference when the water is around 50 degrees.  While I'm rambling here, the coldest water temperature any of us have swam in at Avila was 47 degrees and that did feel much colder than 50. The coldest swim I have done was one of the Will Swim For Food one mile fundraising swims around the Santa Cruz Pier. The water was 51 but the air temperature was 38. My feet were frozen before I got to the water and the first shock when my face hit the water was with me until I got out, and yes, some swimmers went bareback.

Duke and Calvin were just getting out when I arrived at 8. They had gotten in at 7. A group that I took to be teh CP Tir Team got in just before me, swam to the creek buoy and headed towards the Cal Poly Pier. They were not out when I was leaving.     
A simple triangle seemed right today.

I stopped swimming long enough to take this one picture 
at the first buoy on the left of the Avila PIer.

I'm going to swim at 8 on Saturday and at 7 with Duke on Sunday. Anyone who wants to start their Sunday early can join us.  


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