Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

 StOrMy CoNDiTiOnS - 

A storm was heading into town with rain predicted for Tuesday night and the conditions at Avila Beach had already changed. The air temperature was 55, the water was 51, the wind was steady and had swung into the SW. The chop and swell were from the SE and varied from 1 to 5 foot. The waves and chop were close together and mixed up. Swimming out through that mess was about watching when to breath and when to duck and required all of my attention, so I found myself thinking that the water felt warmer than 51 degrees.  

I turned right at the buoy, swam under the pier and found 
Theresa and two friends at the first buoy on the right side. 
We swam to the last buoy at the creek mouth with plans to do the whole buoy line. 

Theresa and one of her friends at the buoy at the creek mouth.
Swimming down the buoy line across the chop/waves I did a lot of experimenting 
to see what side and tempo would let me breath the least water.  

Theresa's other friend and Theresa on the right.
I asked them their names twice and still forgot them. 

At the last buoy on the right side of the pier. Alternate breathing worked the best.

I'll swim at 9 on Thursday, after my 7:15 ZOOM meeting.

Mr. Lindsay says no rain on Thursday but the wind will shift back into the NE and the messy swell and chop will linger.


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