Thursday, November 19, 2020

Thursday, November 19, 2020

 I swam at 9 this morning. I saw Theresa and Grace at the showers. 

The conditions were much calmer than those on Tuesday with just a offshore breeze and small waves. The air temperature was 58 and the water was up a notch to 52 degrees, but I didn't notice a difference. I did a nice stretch out swim along the triangle. The harbor district began taking out the swim zone buoys this morning and will likely finish the job before Saturday, so we have full winter conditions with no lifeguards or lines of buoys to give structure to our routes. We will plot our courses by landmarks until next summer.  

You can see the small offshore wind chop and our last view of the 
buoys on the east side of the pier until next summer. 

Just naked ocean now on the west side

Me at buoy number 1.

Swimming by landmarks is fine, actually nice in its own way.
The buoys keep boats away from the shore, new swimmers like having then and if there is fog thick enough to hide the beach you can still swim buoy to buoy.

Niel, Grace and Theresa will swim at 9AM on Saturday morning.


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