Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

 The Less Than A Dollar Swim

That is what I had today, a 50 degree air temperature and a 49 degree water temperature, which equals less than a dollar.  I also swam for 49 minutes so that must be todays number.  
It was clear and sunny at Avila Beach at 8 AM with a strengthening offshore breeze. I could thank the that breeze for pushing down the water temperature.  Otherwise the water was clear with a bit of chop.  Nice swimming conditions for between when you got numbed out and stopped noticing the cold and when you did get cold and needed to get out.   

I use a 300mm lab thermometer that is certified to one degree accuracy. 
So the water temperature could have been 50.  ;-)

I decided to swim out to the end of the pier and do a triangle. 

The neoprene cap and the large goggles prevent me from getting a brain freeze headache at these temps, so once my face goes numb it is just my hands and feet that feel the cold.
I'm wearing a Patagonia R3 surf suit and everything that is covered felt OK.

I'll be back on Thursday at 9 AM. 


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