Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Still No Penguins

Today was a repeat of Saturday with a water temperature of 50 degrees and an air temperature of 31 degrees. The offshore breeze was stronger with no change in the surf or surface conditions. The sun felt nice even at 7:30 when Niel, Sue and Grace got in. 

Sue and Grace
If my vision is strong enough can I make this feel like Maui?

Niel at the buoy at the rocks, the only one that is left in place over the winter.  

I swam a triangle starting and ending at the end of the Alila Pier.
Sue and Grace swam to the end of the Avila Pier and then over to the end of the 
Cal Poly Pier, for about 2200M. 
Sue and Grace coming in along the Avila Pier.

Sue and Grace getting out.

The sun sure felt nice and helped warm us up.

Sue is going to swim tomorrow morning with Amy. The time to be arranged between them.
She is leaving for London on Tuesday but will be back for a longer visit in January.
I'll swim Tuesday at 8 and Thursday at 9.

Maybe the air temperature will warm up (to the 50's!?) and after the last two swims that would feel like Maui.

My solution to having to pull on a wet wetsuit on the second consecutive day of swimming; repurpose the boot dryer by removing the angled tops that go in the boots and slip the legs of the wetsuit over the dryer's tubes.  


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