Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Swimming In The Sun -

There is more of a crowd at the beach at 11 then at 8 in the morning but the sun and warmer temperatures are so much nicer. The water is bumpier but that makes for more of an ocean experience. At 10:30 this morning the air temperature was 71° and the water was 60°. There was a wind chop out of the south east and the west which made for some interesting conditions. 
We had an especially nice group today with the regulars Niel, Duke, Leslie, Tiki, Jodi and David joined by Alex, David's wife and Theresa, our swim buddy who graduated and took a job in Newport Beach. Alex decided that she wanted to get in the ocean so she got a wetsuit got in and had fun. Theresa was giving herself a break from the big city.   
We did a bow tie route. I do not think that I had swum this route before.  


Duke was getting hot so he waded in and waited for the group.
The 'fog' in the photos is water moisture that is inside my camera.  

David and Alex

Theresa, Leslie and Tiki

Theresa, Leslie and Tiki

Theresa and Leslie 

Leslie, Theresa and Duke just outside of the surf line.

David, Tiki, Leslie, Theresa, Jodi and Duke, hard to see in the swell.

Theresa. LA hasn't changed her a bit.

Theresa and Jodi

The official Avial Dolphins wetsuit drying rack.

Leslie sent me some nice photos but I could not get the text to computer to blog thing to work. Maybe tomorrow.
Theresa and Grace are going to do an 8 mile swim next weekend in Costa Mesa or Corona del Mar and Theresa will be back in two weeks. 

Duke and I will do a short swim on Tuesday at 8.  


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