Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sunday, September 26, 2021

 An Odd Grey Sunday

There wasn't any sun yet when I left San Luis Obispo for the beach, which is not a good sign that there would be any sun at the beach today. At Avila the water looked nice but it was grey, 55° and the water was 58°. The surf was up some with a nice swell coming in making 4 footers.  Niel, Duke, Leslie and Tiki were joined by Tiki's dad, Pete, and Jenni who lives in Berkeley and swims in the east bay. Jenni and Tiki were going bareback and the rest of the group would be swaddled in our neoprene.  

It was too cool and grey for the end of September

Tiki and Jenni at the first buoy

Niel, Leslie, Tiki, Jenni (pink buoy), Pete

and Duke at the 4th buoy on east of the pier. 

We did a nice easy swim. Jenni and Tiki called it good at the fourth buoy on 
the west side and went in while the rest of us swam back to the pier.

Duke and I will be back at 8 AM on Tuesday. The Wild Women will swim at 5 on WEDNESDAY. They meetup at the lifeguard tower to the left of the pier. 


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